Habitat for Humanity Reuse Project

'Phoebe & Brooklyn: No Te Rindas1' mixed medium on MDF, 2012

'Heydey Characters: No Te Rindas2' mixed medium on MDF, 2012

'Apollo: No Te Rindas3' mixed medium on MDF, 2012


“For the habitat project, I decided to utilize my painting skills and I eventually chose MDF board which is super heavy but takes acrylics, aerosol paint and ink quite well. I was inspired by 80's New York subway art and Wes Humpston’s surf/skateboard graphics from the Dogtown era in California. I wanted to create bold and colourful pieces using engaging characters that reveal universal messages of hope and positivity. The Spanish words "No Te Rinda” translates to “Don’t Give Up”. I felt this was an appropriate, simple yet powerful statement that everyone can relate to."


Habitat for Humanity


Painting, art auction